About Crossaction

Crossaction has been around since 1982, providing technical support and guidance for companies. We have a significant amount of experience helping businesses keep their computer systems functioning correctly. Crossaction takes care to advance alongside technology, ensuring that you always receive top-notch technical support. Each of our three separate locations offers expert services designed to meet every client’s hardware and software needs.

Crossaction is one of the most trusted and respected IT firms in Northern Utah. We have experience providing technical support to a wide variety of industries, including financial, medical, construction, manufacturing, retail, and non-profit entities.

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Crossaction Computer Specialists

Our team delivers prompt and courteous service to a vast number of customers. Whether you require computer repairs or business network consulting, you can rely on Crossaction Business IT Specialists to fulfill all your computer-related requirements.

Crossaction Computer Specialists

Ken Cross

Meet Ken Cross, the visionary owner of Crossaction IT Solutions, renowned for delivering quality computer solutions, products and services. With a distinctive focus on longevity, our clients continue to benefit from systems lasting 8, 10, and even 12 years without a single repair—a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Ken’s extensive knowledge and expertise in Cybersecurity makes him a valuable asset to every client. Ken pays close attention to safeguarding individuals and businesses in an increasingly digital landscape.

With a wealth of experience dating back to the late 70s, Ken brings decades of expertise to the realm of computer technology. His journey reflects a deep-rooted passion for innovation, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to ensuring that Crossaction IT Solutions remains a beacon of excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology.


Richard Cross
IT Specialist

Meet Richard Cross, an integral IT Specialist at Crossaction IT Solutions, whose affinity for computers runs deep in his veins. Richard’s journey with technology began at an early age, growing up surrounded by the hum of computer systems. His connection to Crossaction goes beyond a typical employment story—it’s a legacy passed down from his father.

From the early days of tinkering with seemingly “dead” systems to evolving into a seasoned professional specializing in the latest technological advancements, Richard has seamlessly transitioned from a curious enthusiast to a dedicated full-time tech. Clients at Crossaction often find themselves engaged in discussions with Richard about the newest and greatest innovations in the tech landscape.

With an impressive 23-year tenure contributing to the growth of Crossaction, Richard’s expertise is not confined to the office. When he’s not immersed in the dynamic world of IT, you’ll likely find him enjoying quality time with his girlfriend and kids, whether it’s a playful day at the park or working on a challenging puzzle. Richard brings a unique blend of passion, experience, and family values to the forefront, making him an invaluable asset to the Crossaction IT Solutions team.


Scott Cambra
Business IT Specialist

Meet Scott, a dedicated member of the Crossaction IT Specialists team with a unique journey that spans from the vibrant city of Boston, MA, to the picturesque landscapes of Utah. Originally a visitor four years ago, Scott’s vacation in Utah turned into a permanent stay, marking the beginning of his fulfilling career with Crossaction.

Scott’s philosophy centers around the belief that the quality of work is crucial in crafting a positive customer experience. This principle is reflected in every interaction he has with clients. Known for his amiable nature and unwavering commitment to excellence, Scott has established himself as a joy to work with. Clients consistently affirm that his expertise and experience instill confidence, assuring them that they’ve made the right choice in having Scott as their go-to “Computer guy.”

With a passion for delivering top-notch service and creating satisfied customers, Scott contributes to the success and reputation of Crossaction IT Specialists. His journey from the East Coast to the West embodies the spirit of adaptability and dedication that defines the Crossaction team.


DeAnn Layman
Customer Support Specialist

DeAnn Layman, an integral part of Crossaction IT Specialists, whose passion extends beyond the tech realm to the heart of family and equestrian pursuits.

When DeAnn isn’t immersed in the world of IT, you’ll find her reveling in quality time with her kids and grandkids, cherishing the moments that matter most. Beyond the office, she’s often found caring for her horses, a testament to her diverse and well-rounded interests.

With an impressive tenure dating back to almost the inception of the retail store, DeAnn’s experience and dedication have played a crucial role in the success of Crossaction IT Specialists. Her commitment to providing quality service and equipment reflects in every aspect of her work, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

DeAnn’s passion for delivering top-notch service aligns seamlessly with Crossaction’s commitment to excellence, creating a synergy that contributes to the company’s reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. As a seasoned professional and devoted family person, DeAnn Layman embodies the spirit of dedication and care that defines the ethos of Crossaction IT Specialists.