Crossaction has been around since 1982, providing technical support and guidance for companies. We have a significant amount of experience helping businesses keep their computer systems functioning correctly. Crossaction takes care to advance alongside technology, ensuring that you always receive top-notch technical support. Each of our three separate locations offers expert services designed to meet every client’s hardware and software needs.

Crossaction is one of the most trusted and respected IT firms in Northern Utah. We have experience providing technical support to a wide variety of industries, including financial, medical, construction, manufacturing, retail, and non-profit entities.

Crossaction Computer Specialists
Crossaction Computer Specialists

Not only do we provide technical support for companies, but we are also capable of servicing, repairing, selling, and upgrading computer systems for households. We provide fast, courteous service to thousands of consumers. Whether you need computer repairs or business network consulting, you can count on Crossaction for all of your computer-related needs.