Patch Panels

Patch panels can be used as both organizational and as protective tools for your equipment. They can help improve the appearance of your office, as well as provide you with more control over your computer’s functions. They can give you the capability to isolate each segment that is connected to the patch panel.

Manage Cables

A patch panel will allow you to organize your cables, preventing possible tangles and other problems.

Additionally, cords will simply look nicer after being organized in the best manner possible.

Patch Panels
Patch Panels

Protect Equipment

A patch panel allows you to open and close access to individual cables. This will allow you to both halt and allow data transfer without the hassle of unplugging and plugging cords back in. Repetitive removal and insertion of cables can cause damage to your equipment, damaging both the cables and the ports.

Using a patch panel will prevent this damage to your equipment, increasing its longevity.

Simplify Troubleshooting

The use of a patch panel can make troubleshooting problems easier. The ability to re-route and disconnect ports directly through the patch panel can allow you to isolate each segment. The isolation of each piece will allow you to find the root of the problem more easily than you otherwise might. Additionally, you can disable that specific port, allowing the rest of the system to function while repairs are made.

The use of a patch panel can help solve an array of problems. Your cables will remain more organized and will last longer. As cables are consistently plugged and unplugged, they wear out quickly, and patch panels will alleviate the need for frequent cable changes. A patch panel will make it easier to find potential problems and will allow you to isolate access to each cable as needed.

Patch Panels