Upgrade to
Windows 11

Windows 11 is now available!

If your workstations are operating on Windows 10, we can help you upgrade your computers so that they will run smoothly and will be at the correct security level. Our business IT specialists can help you determine what upgrade option is best for you based on your computers’ specifications.

Upgrade Special Available for Windows 11

We have a great upgrade option available for businesses looking to extend the life of their current computers: 

Upgrade to Windows 11 for only $249 per computer prepaid at time of drop off

We ask a couple days to get the upgrade completed

This would be done using your existing Windows 10 license. 

We will run a complete hardware test and verify the system is compatible with Windows 11. Use the form below to contact us, or you may call (801) 528-3099 to speak with one of our experts about upgrade options for your computers based on your needs.

*Restrictions for Upgrade:
· Your computers must post / boot to Windows login
· You must have a legal Windows 7 or 8 license for each computer
· Your computers must be compatible. Call for more details.

windows 11
Upgrade to Windows 11

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