How do you know that your device is infected with Malware? The most common and easy to spot signs that you have some kind of Malware infection is your screen gets an increase in unwanted pop-up ads, your computer starts to run slower, your system crashes, you no longer have access to your files, data, or entire computer. Malware comes in many forms such as computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware and spyware. Malware is short for (Malicious Software), it’s a virus usually delivered through a network to infect, steal, or perform any action the attacker wants. The main intention of Malware is to intentionally harm, take control, disable, or damage computers systems, networks, servers, and mobile devices.

Malware Solution

The solutions we offer will cover all your cybersecurity needs. Our technicians are certified to install and implement the programs set in place to put your mind at ease while we protect you from all threats intended to harm any and all of your devices. We offer a great customer service to keep you updated and answer any questions you might have.

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Virus Solution

Emails is one of the most common ways Malware infects your device. We offer a Total Email Protection service that frequently scans and monitors all your emails for threats and notifies you if a virus is found. More solutions we offer include Barracuda Essentials, Barracuda Sentinel, Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, Barracuda PhishLine, Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service, and Barracuda WAF.