Wireless Access Points (WI-FI)

According to Parks Associates, more than 75% of North American households use Wi-Fi as their primary source of internet connection. Wi-Fi can provide access to multiple devices across your household and is one of the most convenient ways to access the internet. Many businesses, like coffee shops, offer free Wi-Fi access as a service to customers. To have good Wi-Fi, you must first have a good wireless access point.

What Wireless Access Points Do

A wireless access point provides connectivity between devices and the internet. They provide internet connection to an extended area and enable devices to connect to the internet without the use of limiting cables.

A single wireless access point can provide a connection to every necessary device in a household.

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Why You Need a Good WIFI Connection

There is a high demand for Wi-Fi and it’s important to have the best connection possible to meet those demands. Internet access can be vital for many daily functions, including work emails, school projects, or social media posts. The multitude of demands placed on a wireless access point can cause the internet to be slow and frustrating.

Many wireless access points connect to multiple devices for each person in the household. They can provide internet access to computers, laptops, cellular devices, game systems, and even smart TVs. An adequate wireless access point will provide access to all of these devices, without slowing down your internet service. Many wireless access points will allow for the connection of an Ethernet cable, which will provide faster connection for all devices, by forcing fewer devices to compete for bandwidth.

Wi-Fi is becoming a necessary staple for most households. The use of technology in daily life necessitates consistent, reliable internet access. Internet access is vital for most businesses’ daily functions.